The Last Days of Summer

It’s felt like such a long summer, and when I look back I can’t believe everything we managed to fit into this year. It’s been fairly flat surf all summer, so we’ve had to get creative with our activities. Cue snorkeling , cliff jumping, exploring and all sorts of ocean based fun.

Below you can see some of our exploits from around Cornwall. That mighty fine looking kayak belongs to a fellow ocean enthusiast Mo Samuels (@mosamuels on instagram. Give him a follow, you won’t regret it!). He’s spent the summer free diving, spear fishing and seal watching, and it was a real honour to get to go and take some photos with him. He’s off to Plymouth uni to study Marine Biology and Oceanography, so I feel we’ll have similar careers in later life.

I’ll be back off to uni at the weekend, and I’m really stoked to get back to my studies (Marine Biology). Spending so much time in and around the sea this summer has really got me stoked again on my course, and I know now what I’d like to do for the rest of my life!

Please click on the shots to see descriptions and full sized versions!


Exploring Cornwall

So we took a trip down to Mawgan Porth, and explored the surrounding coastline. We snorkeled, surfed, climbed and jumped all over the place. Cornwall really is an incredible county, and depending on where you are the landscape can be completely different.

Around this particular bit of coast you can explore loads of caves and cool geological structures at exciting beaches such as Holywell, Bedruthan and Porthcothan. There is also some surf for all abilities at beaches like Watergate bay, Fistral, Perranporth, and of course Mawgan Porth. We were super lucky and had fantastic weather and water quality for the entire week, so who says you have to go abroad for a holiday? Although it does make me realise how lucky I am when the long journey home only takes an hour, just to North Cornwall, for more of the same sun sea and sand!

Things are slowly taking off

After putting in quite a lot of effort filming, taking photos, and writing articles, I’m finally getting some success. My latest edit was released the other day, and it was shared by a few big surf mags online, which was a nice surprise!

I’ve also joined Gone West’s team of budding photographers, writers, and filmers. Check out the link below to see the first episode of my series with them. It’s my “Winter On The North Shore” edit, which is Ep. 1 of my “Celtic Winter” series, with more to follow soon.

<p><a href=”″>Celtic Winter Ep 1 (Winter on the North Shore of Kernow)</a> from <a href=”″>Joe Weghofer</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

As well as plenty of video editing I’ve been doing recently, I’ve joined Hotswell’s ( media team. Hotswell is an online surf forecasting company that’s just started up, and I’m super stoked to be a part of it. It’s given me something to channel my energy into, as I really enjoying writing articles. Below I’ve linked a couple of my favourite blog entries!

Physically, I’m also recovering at the minute. My back isn’t causing me half as much pain as it used to, which is nice! I’ve had some acupuncture, been getting into swimming, and stretching everyday. I definitely feel like I’m nearly ready to get back in the water, so I’m just waiting for the right conditions so I can in for a swim 🙂

Some afternoon house music

So recently I’ve been playing around with music again, this time for a mix for my dad. That’s why it starts off with some less electronic music, but I’ve packed loads of my favourite artists into this mix. I’m a massive fan of Katy B, and I think the Route 94 remix of “5am” just fits in perfectly. There are some other big house/electro/DnB tracks in there, like  Kove, Disclosure, and TEED. For a full track listing hit the link.

A pretty busy week

Well there’s been so much swell I’ve been out filming pretty much everyday. And when I’m not filming, there’s always editing, writing and mixing that needs doing. Plus its Christmas in a couple of days so it’s been kinda stressful!

We’ve been driving up and down the coast of North Cornwall and North Devon, looking for shelter for the gale force winds that have accompanied the long run of swell. Once in a while there has been a day where the wind has dropped just enough for a couple of complete hell-sessions. Bude has been producing super talented surfers for a while now, and they were just going to town on the long walls on offer at spot M.  I’ve accumulated quite a lot of usable footage from the last few sessions, so I’ll be putting up an edit soon.

The shots of that angry looking hollow wave were taken down in this little cove I shall refer to as spot B. It’s a bit of a trek to get down to it even when it’s good weather, but in torrential rain and howling wind it becomes an absolute nightmare. Walking for me is just about bearable, but uphill is pretty painful, and after a long session walking back up that hill, absolutely soaked to the bone, I was about as miserable as it is possible to be.

As well as all of this photography stuff, I’ve been writing this article for for a little while. It’s all about my injury, and what’s happened since then. I was stoked to get a really great response, as it appears that spinal injuries are much more common than I had previously realised, and a lot of people found that they could relate to my story. I’ll chuck the link in below, so you can go have a gander if you want. And yes, they did spell my name wrong in it!

I’ve included a couple of shots below, but they don’t really do the surf justice. I’m still holding on to the best shots from the sessions, and most of the time I was filming, so expect big things.

One long day!

Well it all started at about 6:00am yesterday morning. I was up and getting my camera gear and warm clothing ready well before first light. The forecast was for a massive swell, and increasing wind and rain for throughout the day. Tim and I piled into Edna (Jobe’s van) along with a full quiver of surfboards, spare leashes, and a spare of pretty much everything I need. We drove to check out the local point, which is our first port of call during the winter months, when the Atlantic swells get wrapped round these enormous prehistoric rocks, and the just peel down the point for hundreds of yards. Well that’s what it’s supposed to do anyway. Something wasn’t quite right this morning, maybe the swell was too big, or perhaps the swell direction might have been slightly off. Tim and Jobe dutifully paddled out anyway and had a go, whilst I sat there filming (Check out the shot below). They weren’t in long before they decided that they’d had enough of the constant paddling, and the constant 8ft white water sets just rolling through. This left us with a bit of a problem. We had hours to kill before the next spot we were going to started working.

After a quick bite to eat we headed up to this reef to check it out anyway. Surprise, surprise, it wasn’t working. It needed another few hours for the tide to fill in. This is something as a surfer you just have to get used to. Patience truly is a virtue, and we’re constantly waiting. Waiting for the swell to pick up, the wind to change, the tide to rise/drop. Not fun. But it all comes with the territory of being reliant on the sea for our sport really.

Anyway, fast forward a couple of hours, and after we’d defaced another friend’s surfboard in permanent marker, the tide was finally high enough. Spirits high, we once again charged down this muddy track to the sea. I sat on the rocks filming again for another couple of hours, and afterwards managed to get caught in an absolute deluge on the way back up to the car. The black rain clouds that had been looking menacing all day had finally broken, turning what was before a muddy track into a Glastonbury festival style slip and slide. Awesome. After about another hour of driving, I finally got back home, wet and exhausted, but quite pleased with some of the footage. It also just happened to be the climactic finals of the Billabong Pipe Finals when I got home, so that was just the perfect way to cap off the day.

I only took a few photos, and they’re included below. Expect an edit of the footage pretty soon!



The Holiday

I’m just in the middle of editing some footage I took whilst on holiday with my family this summer. We had been planning this around the world trip for years, and I’ll cherish the memories for the rest of my life. It was slightly overshadowed though by the fact we had only been back home for 3 days before I broke my back. So its only recently that I’ve started going over the footage I took with my trusty gopro, and we’ve all been reminded of how much fun we had. That’s the amazing thing about gopro’s, they can capture those moments that you’d otherwise just have to narrate to people. Now you can subject people to watching endless videos of your travels instead of just holiday snaps.

Well in our travels we ventured briefly to Singapore, then on to Gold Coast, Australia, further North to Port Douglas, Australia and then back via Los Angeles (USA). We did some pretty sweet things whilst we were out there, and I think some of the footage is pretty fun. GoPro’s are so small and versatile you can just carry them around and chuck them on to anything to film. In my opinion too, they are very affordable for what you’re getting. Unfortunately the fish eye lens on my GoPro Hero 2 mean that all of the underwater shots have come out kind of blurry. But the new GoPros have flat lenses, and the stills they can capture are unreal.

I’ve included the little edit from singapore, as well as a few other vids from the trip that are over on my vimeo channel. I’ll finish off the next edit, with all the underwater stuff soon. It definitely made a nice change shooting in that tropical water, as i’m so used to putting on inordinate amounts of neoprene just to survive for a couple of hours in the water. But I wouldn’t swap cold water surfing for anything. I would definitely be tempted, but sometimes there’s just something magical about freezing pristine waves.

The Holiday (Trailer) – A couple of highlights from the whole trip thrown together for your viewing pleasure

Gold Coast – Check this one out for all of the wave action from the trip. Super clear water and fun little waves on the Goldie.

Turkey Chase – Don’t even ask, I was pretty bored.